Some Jewelry Storage Ideas for Organizing Your Jewelry

When you feel so confuse to put jewelry, you have to know about some jewelry storage ideas. Knowing about it will make you know about jewelry storage solutions. Women usually have lot of jewelry and feel so confuse to organize it well. Don’t worry about it because there are so many ideas you can use for organizing jewelry.

Actually, jewelry storage can be found around us, even we can use various things around us as jewelry storage. The main point is, you don’t have to waste so much money for buying jewelry storage. As long as you can think creatively, you will be able to find perfect storage for your jewelry. Even, you can use useless things around you and change it into useful storage for your jewelry.

Not only finding storage for jewelry, you can also create your own jewelry storage or DIY jewelry storage. DIY jewelry storage can make you able to use your creativity in making jewelry storage. It will be solution for you who don’t want to buy storage for jewelry. Just use simple tools and some materials, you can create useful jewelry storage. Finally, you will not confuse anymore when thinking about jewelry organization.

Finding Creative Jewelry Storage Ideas

As mentioned above, we can use things around as for stroring our jewelry. If you have dressers to put your cloths, actually it can be the storage for jewelry. It is one of jewelry organizer ideas you can try. You can use the dresser for storing your jewelry too.

Other idea for organizing jewelry is using decorative bowl and vintage candle holder. Decorative bowl can be used for storing necklace and bracelets. And for your earring, you can use vintage candle holder.

Creating Jewelry Storage Ideas DIY

For you who can’t find creative storage for storing your jewelry, you can create DIY jewelry storage. For example is jewelry storage made of wood board. Just install wood board horizontally in the wall. And then, attach some nails on it. Finally, you can use it for hanging your necklace and other accessories.

Actually, there are still many ideas about jewelry storage. You can use your own creativity to create jewelry storage. Just use simple things around you and combine it with your creativity, finally some jewelry storage ideas will make you able to create beautiful jewelry storage.


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