Small Kitchens with Dark Cabinets—Simple Idea to Create Elegant Small Kitchen

What do you think about small kitchens with dark cabinets? Have you ever imagine about it? Some people said that dark kitchen cabinets aren’t good for small kitchen because it can make the kitchen looks so narrow. Well, the assumption is not true.

As long as you can use your creativity to decorate a small kitchen, dark kitchen cabinet will not cause a problem in small kitchen. The main point is, you are better to know about cabinet colors for small kitchen, small kitchen color ideas and some kitchen cabinet ideas to create unique look in your kitchen. What are some ideas can be chosen to design small kitchen with dark cabinets? Here are some ideas you can use:

Colors for Small Kitchens with Dark Cabinets

Dark cabinet is so varies, such as dark blue cabinet, dark brown cabinet, dark gray cabinet, and many more. You can choose cabinet color which is so good for your kitchen. You can match it with your kitchen color. For example if your kitchen has white color, you can combine it with dark brown cabinet or dark gray cabinet.

Not only considering about kitchen cabinet color, you can consider the color for small kitchen. Actually, there are some colors that will make your small kitchen looks larger. Soft colors such as beige, cream and white are best choice to make your kitchen looks larger. So, you don’t have to be doubt when combining it with dark cabinet.

Floor Small Kitchens with Dark Cabinets

Floor is also important part should be considered. If your floor has light color, you can match it with dark cabinet. But if your kitchen floor is dark floor, you can combine it with dark gray or dark cherry kitchen cabinet. Make sure you choose kitchen cabinet which has good color that will not overwhelm other thing in your kitchen. Finally, you will realize that small kitchens with dark cabinets are best combination.


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