Floating Makeup Vanity Ideas You Can Build Immediately

Do you have a plan to build makeup vanity? Floating makeup vanity may be good recommendation for you. Nowadays, there are so many designs of makeup vanity. Sometime, we may feel confuse to choose the best one. But, floating makeup vanity can be the best choice because looks unique and beautiful.

We can build floating makeup vanity or homemade makeup vanity by using various materials. It depends on your interest. For example, you can build DIY makeup vanity from wood, glass or other materials. No matter the material you choose, you can build best makeup vanity as long as you can use your creativity and good idea about DIY makeup vanity table.

There are so many ideas about makeup vanity, such as small makeup vanity, DIY makeup vanity with lights, and many more. If you are interested in building it, you can use some ideas below:

Floating Makeup Vanity with Lights

Light can make makeup vanity looks beautiful. You can build makeup vanity with lights by building simple table and prepare decorative mirror. Decorative mirror can be hanged on the wall. And then, trim it with decorative light. Finally, your floating makeup vanity with lights is ready to beautify your makeup room.

White Floating Makeup Vanity

White is good color to make a room looks elegant. If you put white makeup vanity in your bedroom or makeup room, your room will look more elegant than before. You can build simple floating makeup vanity from wood board, and then attach it to the wall. Don’t forget to paint it with white color. To make it looks elegant, you can combine it with mirror.

You can paint the frame of mirror with white color. Finally, your white floating makeup vanity will make you feel happy when using makeup in your makeup room.


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