DIY Wooden Pallet Coffee Table Ideas

Homeowners looking to beautify their home without having to burn their entire life savings to buy new centerpieces will definitely light up when they come across this pallet coffee table ideas. Not only are we going to let you know how to make a pallet coffee table, we are also going to guide you through all of the simple process of making your own wood pallet coffee table.

Yes, coffee tables may seem like it won’t do any harm to your bank account, but why spend more when you can make your own pallet wood coffee table with one of our pallet coffee table ideas at a fraction of the price of mass-produced pallet coffee tables in the market nowadays?

Even if you are not strapped for cash, you can also be creative and take up this DIY pallet coffee table project because there is simply nothing much more appealing than owning a gorgeous, rustic coffee table, and who would not be proud of being able to create such perfection with their own two hands? With our pallet coffee table ideas, you will not only end up with a great centerpiece sitting in a corner of your living room, but also the bragging rights for your hard work!

pallet coffee table

Why choose wood pallet coffee table?

Coffee table made from pallets is a thing of beauty, that’s for sure. Not only are they one of the most eye-catching centerpieces, they are also functional despite its rather small size.

The stigma that a beauty comes with a price doesn’t apply to coffee table out of pallets, simply because their beauty comes with a sturdy material which can be gotten at an affordable price, can be assembled rather easily, and lasts a long time!

DIY whitewashed pallet furniture coffee table

Have a couple whitewashed wooden pallets? Perfect! This type of wooden pallet never fails to bright up a room. All you have to do is attach some caster wheels to the bottom of your rustic-looking whitewashed pallets. This doesn’t only make your wooden pallets useful, it also makes it more mobile.

Tips on painted pallet coffee table

Natural rustic pattern is beautiful, but if you would like to paint your pallet coffee table to add some flair to your decor, you could! Just remember to sand the surface and clean it thoroughly with TSP, and don’t forget to apply a high-quality primer before painting to ensure an even finish.

How to retain the look of rustic pallet coffee table

If you are after pallet coffee table for its incredible rustic look. You must keep in mind that, in order to retain its rustic look, you must never use wood stains. However, if the table is meant for outdoor use, you may give it polyurethane finish to ensure its durability.

Design ideas: tiered DIY pallet coffee table

Be bold and creative by making a tiered coffee table made of pallet wood! Making this layered coffee table is fairly easy, all you have to do is arrange your pallet wood and screw them down, apply wax finish and add a glass-top. Not only is it elegant, it’s also highly-utilitarian.

DIY pallet coffee table wheels ideas!

While the idea of adding some wheels to your coffee table seems a bit odd to some people, we can argue that the right set of wheels can not only add to the beauty front, but also the functionality front of your wooden pallet furniture. Who wouldn’t want to be able to drag it outside and transform it into an outdoor furniture for a barbecue party in the summer? Just pick one of our pallet coffee table ideas and attach some wheels!


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