36 DIY Makeup Vanity Ideas and Designs

Do you want to beautify your makeup room? If so, building DIY makeup vanity is recommended for you. We know that makeup vanity is important furniture should be had by us to store many makeup products. Not only that, makeup vanity is also best furniture to beautify our makeup room. But, you may need some DIY makeup vanity ideas before building DIY makeup vanity.

Nowadays, there are so many ideas we can choose for building makeup vanity. Actually, building makeup vanity is easy as long as you are able to use your creativity and choose best idea about DIY vanity. Talking about DIY make up vanity, we may find so many make up vanity ideas, such as DIY vanity table, DIY vanity mirror, DIY vanity lights, and many more. We just need to choose best idea to create best DIY makeup vanity.

Building DIY makeup vanity will make us able to explore our creativity. Not only that, building DIY makeup vanity will make us have a chance to get our desired makeup vanity. It is also the best way to save much money because DIY project usually uses materials around us. You can use some ideas below to build DIY makeup vanity.


Beautiful DIY Makeup Vanity Ideas

diy makeup vanity do it yourself makeup vanity

As mentioned before, there are so many DIY makeup vanity ideas that can be your recommendation, such as DIY vanity mirror with lights, DIY floating make up vanity, and many more. It depends on your interest.

Floating makeup vanity idea is good makeup vanity you can try. Floating makeup vanity can save much space in your makeup room. You just need to use wood board to create this makeup vanity. Finally, you can place big mirror above floating makeup vanity to make you enjoy your makeup time.


DIY Makeup Vanity Mirror Ideas

diy makeup vanity mirror diy makeup vanity with lights

There are so many ideas about DIY makeup vanity mirror. Actually, you just need to buy a mirror that you like the most and place it above the vanity. Or, you can hang it in the wall to make it can not be removed easily. To create the best look, you can trim the frame of mirror using beading or polishing it using good paint color. So, your makeup vanity mirror will look more beautiful.


DIY Makeup Vanity with Light Ideas

diy lighted vanity mirror ideas diy makeup vanity with lights diy vanity table with lights

Not only considering about makeup vanity mirror, you may be interested in trimming makeup vanity with lights. Yes, you can trim your makeup vanity with decorative lighting, such as placing some small lighting in the mirror frame. If you don’t like this idea, you can put table lamp above the vanity. It is also good idea to make the vanity looks beautiful. It will also make you easy when using make up. The table lamp will make you easy to see your face in the mirror.


DIY Makeup Vanity Table Ideas

diy makeup vanity ideas vanity table diy

Makeup vanity table is also good idea for you who want to build DIY makeup vanity. Actually, you can create makeup vanity table from wood boards. Or if you don’t want to create it from wood boards, you can use a table that is not used anymore.


You can place a small table in front of wall. Then, decorate it well to make it looks like makeup vanity. You can paint it using good paint color to make it looks beautiful. You can also use other trimmers to make it looks more interesting. Finally, you can build DIY makeup vanity without doing difficult steps.


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