Some DIY Jewelry Box Ideas for Organizing Jewelry

When you have a plan to create jewelry box, you should know some DIY jewelry box ideas. Jewelry box may look so simple, but if you know some creative ideas about it, you may be able to create beautiful jewelry box. So, the box is not only used for organizing jewelry, but it can be decorative thing in your room.

Talking about jewelry box, there are so many ideas about it. Nowadays, you can create homemade jewelry box by using various things around you. Even you can create it from useless things. Not only that, making a jewelry box DIY will make you save much money because you don’t have to buy jewelry box from store.

Before creating jewelry box, you are better to consider about jewelry box plans. Because there are so many materials can be used for creating a jewelry box, you can consider the material first. After that, you can consider about additional things to make your jewelry box looks so beautiful and interesting. Actually, you just need to use your creativity and combine your creativity with some ideas you have found. Finally, you will be able to create DIY jewelry box.

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How to Make a DIY Wooden Jewelry Box

Wood is recommended material for making DIY jewelry organizer or DIY jewelry display. Because jewelry box is not as big as other box, you just need to prepare some wood board to create jewelry box.

If you feel that wooden jewelry box looks so usual, you can add undue trim to make it looks interesting. For example, you can use old CD. Just break it, and use the pieces of old CD to trim the top side of jewelry box. Attach it using glue. Finally, your jewelry box looks so beautiful and unique.

How to Make a DIY Jewelry Gift Box

For you who want to give jewelry for special someone, you can create DIY jewelry gift box. There are so many ideas about it. You just need to consider the materials to create it. For example, you can create jewelry gift box from cardboard.

Use cardboard to create a small box. After that, you can trim it using paint or beading. It will make the gift box looks so beautiful. It is one of DIY jewelry box ideas you can try immediately because it is so easy to be made.


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