Coolest Upholstered Coffee Table for Sweet Home

If there is one thing that is slowly rising up to the top when it comes to functionality and trend, it must be upholstered coffee table. Yes, whether you are aware of it or not, coffee tables are slowly becoming extinct and are gradually replaced by upholstered ottoman coffee table. I used to see this trend as a worrying and weird one, why would anyone put coffee cups and other stuff on top of a comfortable upholstered ottoman? Something that is meant for our feet to rest comfortably.

Over time, however, I started warming up to the idea of transforming my coffee table into a padded coffee table. The turning point? I started noticing that almost all of my guests and relatives are into putting they feet up when they are over in my house. That is when I first started thinking, maybe upholstered ottomans is what we all need. As uncomfortable as I was thinking about putting coffee cups on a cushioned coffee table for fear of them toppling over, I’m glad I made the decision. If you are looking for tips on how to transform your coffee table into a multi-functional upholstered ottoman, keep reading this upholstered coffee table article.

Tools needed for upholstered ottoman coffee table

Ready to make your own large coffee table ottoman out of your old coffee table? Whether you are in need of a replacement or you just want to make the switch, you aren’t alone! What you need is a wood stripper to clean the entire coffee table. The fact that it’s a cushion coffee table means you will need some tools to make it. So gather your  board, drill, cutter, foam, stapler, and L-shaped hinge.


How to make large upholstered ottoman coffee table

First thing to do is thoroughly strip the old paint of your coffee table, then sand and thoroughly dust them off before painting This helps you bring out the stunning wood pattern beneath it. Once done, paint 2 to 3 coats if needed. Wait at least 10 hours before applying finish.

What about round upholstered coffee table?

If your living room is filled with round furniture’s and centerpieces, then a round upholstered ottoman is the perfect option for you. Not only does it complement other elements in your room, it also helps you save space – which is a good thing for homeowners living in a small home or apartment.

Benefits of upholstered coffee table with storage

When I first considered making the switch from a coffee table to an upholstered coffee table, I was worried about not having storage space. Apparently I was wrong, being upholstered, this cushioned ottoman allows us to store a few things to prevent clutter. Don’t have anything to store? Use it to display your photo frame.

How to make leather upholstered coffee table

Speaking of a leather coffee table, it’s time to tell you how to make the leather cushion. Grab your tools, and mark your board with your tufted top design, and simply drill those marks. Don’t forget to cut out holes for the buttons. When you’re done, staple the batting and foam to your board.

More tips on DIY upholstered coffee table

When you are stapling, remember that your foam must always overlap and cover the board. This is done to achieve that smooth and neat edges. Next thing you must do is apply the top and place them on top of the top of your table. There are a few ways to secure your cushion to the top, but I find using L-hinges is the way to go. That’s it! Now you’re ready to make your own upholstered coffee table!



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