Coolest DIY Vanity Mirror Ideas to Perfect Your Makeup Room

Whenever you want to build vanity, you have to consider about DIY vanity mirror. Yes, vanity will not have function if it is not completed with mirror. Vanity mirror will make your vanity looks perfect, and finally you can use makeup happily in your makeup room.

Talking about DIY vanity mirror, there are so many DIY vanity mirrors ideas can be used to build best vanity mirror, such as DIY vanity mirrors with lights, DIY Hollywood vanity mirror, DIY lighted mirror, and many more. You can choose the idea that you like the most, make sure you choose the idea that can be tried easily. You can also combine the idea with your own idea or creativity to create your desired vanity mirror.

When you have prepared a plan to build vanity mirror, consider about the materials you want to use. For example is preparing the mirror, the frame for mirror, and also the lights if you want to create lighted vanity mirror. After preparing the materials, you can start your job to build best vanity mirror. Finally, your vanity mirror will make your makeup room looks interesting than before.

Simple DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights

There are so many ideas about DIY vanity mirror. If you want to build DIY vanity mirror lights, you can choose the type of lights that you want to install in the mirror. Nowadays, there are so many types of lights, for example is LED light.

LED light is recommended because it is type of durable light, so you will have durable vanity mirror with lights. If you don’t like LED, you can choose other decorative light to make your vanity looks more beautiful. Other DIY vanity lights ideas are available for you, you can choose the best one that you like the most.

Elegant Hollywood Vanity Mirror DIY

Hollywood vanity mirror is so popular. It is good idea for you who want to have beautiful and useful vanity mirror. Before building it, you can prepare some materials such as mirror, sturdy wood board, some LED bulbs, and other materials for building it.

Hollywood vanity mirror looks elegant and will make you easy when using makeup because the bulbs around the mirror will reflect light to your face, finally it can make you easy to apply makeup to your face. Try other DIY vanity mirror ideas to build best vanity mirror for yourself.


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