How To Make Your Own Crate Coffee Table

Crate coffee table is all the rage right now. Not only is this wooden crate coffee table incredibly gorgeous, it’s also highly functional – something that can safely be considered as a winning combination in the book! The beautiful wood pattern along with its one of a kind texture makes it a sight to see, and the ample as well as spacious storage that comes with it is a good plus!

Have you ever seen the price of a coffee table? Yes, they can cost as little as $500 and we bet it’s not a good quality one either! This is the reason why a wood crate table gains its popularity, not only is a wood crate coffee table use material you can get for almost next to nothing from the nearest grocery store, it is also incredibly easy to make!

If you are reading this Crate coffee table article right now, chances are you one of those who are curious as to how wooden crate table are made. Luckily for you, you have come to the right place! Here we are giving a few valuable tips and guidelines on how to make your own DIY crate coffee table from scratch!

Milk crate coffee table ideas

Ready for our DIY wooden crate coffee table? The first, most basic yet important thing you must do is grab yourself three to four milk crates. Don’t rack your brain thinking of which kind you must acquire, this is the beauty of making your own furniture’s! Simply use what you can find to make your crate table. Clean them up, stain each crate and leave it to dry for a few minutes before using.

Apple crate coffee table as an alternative

Once it dried, build your base frame. This frame will be used to secure your crates together. Secure with some L-shaped brackets and neatly arrange your crates on it with their opening facing towards you. Can’t find some milk crates? Don’t worry. You may also use apple crates for this project.

Simple alternative: crate and barrel glass coffee table

Once arranged, simply nail those crates to the aforementioned frame and there you have it! It’s so simple you wonder why anyone would rather waste their hard-earned money. Now some of you may wonder, if you can use crate, you can use barrel. That’s right. Just clean your barrel, apply finish and add a glass top. Perfection!

Crate and barrel ottoman coffee table? Why not!

Crate and barrel aren’t only restricted to coffee table. They’re also a perfect alternative for those looking for a rustic ottoman. Now you can rest your feet comfortably on your rustic ottoman as you finish off your reading. And its hidden storage? It can be used to store some of your books to minimize clutter!

Tips on making crate and barrel lodge coffee table

Crate and barrel log may seem like an odd combination for a coffee table, but they work so well together. But how do we use them? Depending on the size of your barrel log, you may slice them off in half. Slab a base on top of them and arrange your crates on it to use as surface.

The classic crate and barrel round coffee table

Don’t feel like doing the hard work of slicing the log into two parts? Don’t worry. You can still get something out of it without effort! Simply style the barrel log as a some kind of an epoch table. With a large rounded glass top, it is as sleek as it is rustic.

Rustic crate coffee table look

Speaking of rustic crate coffee table, the older and more distressed texture of your crate, the better it is! So don’t feel disheartened if that’s all you have. You may not be able to see it in the beginning of the making-process. But trust us, it’s dusky and extremely chic.

Simple dog crate coffee table

Are you a new dog owner who’s still looking for a good crate for your dog? Why buy it when you can transform your coffee table into a built in dog crate? Simply make a hole on the side facing forward. Put your dog’s bed and decorate. Simple, yet clever use of space!

More tips on DIY crate coffee table

Would like to get started on making your own crate coffee table but don’t know where to start? Grab the tools needed to do the job. Bolts, caster bolts, and paint brush – yes, that’s all. The supplies needed? Wine crates are a must. Another things you need are rolling wheels and heavy duty plywood as a base frame, when you’re done gathering everything you need, simply follow the steps on our DIY crate coffee table!


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