51 Built in Bunk Beds Ideas for Sweet Home

When you have more than one kid, you may consider about built in bunk beds. Yes, bunk beds are so helpful because it makes you don’t need to prepare two bedrooms for your kids. With bunk beds, you can use one bedroom for your kids. Finally, your kids will feel so happy because they will not feel alone in their bedroom.

Nowadays, there are so many bunk bed ideas you can try. Whenever you have a plan to build bunk bed for your kid, you can use the idea that you like the most. Or, you can also combine the idea with your own idea to get best bunk bed for your kids. Before building bunk bed, make sure you have prepared bunk bed plans. Why? Plan is so important because it will help you to build bunk bed perfectly.

When you want to create bunk beds plan, you can see so many bunk bed designs to get inspiration. There are so many bunk beds which have good and elegant design. It is time for you to build beautiful bunk bed for your kids to make them happy. Here are some ideas for you:


Building Bunk Bed with Built in Desk

bed with computer desk underneath bunk bed with built in desk loft bed and desk combo

Talking about bunk bed, built in bunk bed always become good choice for many people. You can create DIY bunk beds which have built in desk. It is good idea to make your kids happy. Make sure you have prepared plan before building it.

For example when you want to build corner bunk bed, you have to prepare corner bunk bed plans. With built in desk, your kids will be able to use the desk for their activity such as reading, studying, and many more.


Building Bunk Beds with Dresser Built in

bunk bed with dresser and desk bunk beds with dresser built in dresser bunk beds

Other idea you can use is bunk bed with dresser built in. You may feel so annoying when looking your kid’s room. Some kid’s rooms may look so untidy. It is time for you to build bunk beds with dresser built it. With dresser built in, you can teach your kids to organize their cloth or stuff. Let your kids organize their stuff and clothes in dresser built in. So, their room will be tidy and comfortable.


Building Bunk Beds Built into the Wall

built in wall bunk beds bunk beds built in bunk beds built into wall

For you who have small house, considering about building bunk beds built into the wall may be good choice for you. With bunk beds built into the wall, you can save much space in your house because bunk bed built into the wall can save much space. Not only that, bunk beds built into the wall will also make your kids feel comfortable and make the room looks tidy and elegant.


Building Bunk Beds with Built in Stairs

bunk beds w stairs bunk beds with built in stairs bunk beds with steps storage staircase loft bed

Actually, some parents feel worry when want to build bunk bed. Why? It is because one of their kids should sleep in the top, and they worry their kid will fall down. Actually, it will not happen when you build bunk beds with built stair.

Bunk beds with built in stairs more secure for your kids. Your kid will be easy when climb or down the stairs. Finally, you don’t have to worry anymore when have plan to build built in bunk beds for your kids.


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