41 Basement Ceiling Ideas to Perfect Your Home

Do you have basement? Knowing about basement ceiling ideas may be important to you. Basement will be comfortable place as long as you can decorate it well. There are so many tricks to make your basement looks so beautiful and comfortable. One of tips to decorate your basement is considering about basement ceiling ideas. Why? It is because basement ceiling is not only part of basement, but it will create best look in your basement.

Some people may ignore about basement ceiling whereas decorating basement ceiling is important step to perfect basement. There are so many basement ceiling options can be chosen to create the best look in your basement. You just need to choose interesting idea and use your own creativity to create best basement ceiling. Don’t be doubt to use your own creativity because you can expose your interest, so you can get best basement ceiling that make you feel so comfortable when you are in basement.

Ideas for basement ceilings are so varies. People usually choose elegant paint color to create beautiful basement ceiling. Actually, beautiful basement ceiling can be got from other things. Here are some ideas that can be your recommendation:


Low Basement Ceiling Ideas, for You who Have Low Ceiling Basement

basement ideas with low ceilings low ceiling basement finishing ideas low ceiling basement lighting ideas

Some people may have low ceiling basement. Sometime, they may feel so confuse to choose ceiling for basement because their basement ceiling is low. Low ceiling basement will make basement looks so narrow.

Don’t worry because of it. Even if you have unfinished basement ceiling, you can use some tricks to make your basement looks elegant. To make low ceiling basement looks larger, you can use elegant lighting and also choose neutral color to paint your basement ceiling.


Painted Basement Ceiling Ideas, for You who Want to Paint Your Ceiling

basement ceiling paint pictures of basement ceilings black basement ceilings

As mentioned before, many people paint their basement ceiling to create elegant look in their basement. For you who feel so confuse to choose best paint color for your basement, you can use color that will make your basement looks elegant. Some recommended colors are cream, white, beige, and other soft colors.


Unique Basement Ceiling Ideas to Beautify Your Basement

basement ceiling options photos ideas for basement ceilings unique basement ceiling ideas

For you who like extraordinary thing, you can consider about unique basement ceiling ideas. For example is star ceiling. By installing fiber optic star ceiling kits, tiles and domes in your basement area, your basement will look so elegant. Star ceiling will make you feel like under the starry sky. It is good idea for you who want to make your kids happy.


Alternative Basement Ceiling Ideas, for You Who Need Multifunction Ceiling

alternative basement ceiling ideas basement ceiling options photos basement ceilings ideas ceiling ideas for basement

Actually, ceiling will have so many functions if you can use your creativity to build useful thing on the ceiling. Some people install basement ceiling bookshelf to make their basement more useful. Yes, with basement ceiling bookshelf, you can use your basement as reading room.


Some people also install ceiling drawers to store various stuff. With this alternative basement ceiling ideas, your basement will be more comfortable. You can also use other basement ceiling ideas to make your basement more unique and interesting.


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